Focus Groups

Perhaps you have a product you would like to launch, but you would like to see how your everyday consumers react to the packaging.  Or perhaps react to the taste of a new food item.  We have facilities throughout Canada and the United States set up and ready to host a focus group for you.  Let our moderators guide a test group through a series of questions.  Gain insight into the meaning of focus group studies with the expertise of our skilled analysis team.

Online Focus Groups

Not all projects require a face to face discussion, but may still require more than a quantitative survey to determine the needs of your audience. An online focus group may be the solution you are looking for. All online focus groups are still conducted under the guidance of a skilled moderator and discussions can be as directional or natural as you need.


● Online focus groups are a much more cost-effective approach to face-to-face focus groups.
 Individuals can participate from many different geographical locations in real time.
 Participants may find online focus groups to be a more comfortable environment when sharing their perceptions, opinions and beliefs.
● Gain insights about behavior that consumers may not be able to verbalize.

Other Services

● Mini-Groups
● Concept Labs
● Triads
● Dyads
● In-depth Interviews