Online Surveys

We design surveys to custom fit your niche to ensure you get to know your customer’s or client’s needs.  Online quantitative research can be some of the most powerful and cost-effective research available to companies.  Your entire project can be designed, managed and analyzed in-house ensuring maximum security and control over your project.  Our experience expands across industries and audiences including product launches, medical care, teen studies, government projects, city planning and much more.

Why Online Surveys Over Traditional Phone or Mail?

There are many advantages to using online surveys when polling your customer base:

 Online surveys are the most cost-effective means of acquiring the information you need.
● Online surveys can use video, picture or sound to help with more complex issues and questions.
● Participants are more relaxed in a no-pressure environment.
● Computerized results are instantaneous.
● Surveys can be conducted on a wide scale very quickly.
● Participants can conduct surveys at a time most suitable for them allowing for well thought out answers.

How Does It Work?

● We design a survey based around your specific needs. We can target gender, age, geographical location, income or just about anything you require.
● The length and complexity of the survey are customizable. Our design specialists will determine your needs and make recommendations based on their years of experience.
● You will have access to the results in real time. There is no need to wait for manual tabulation with our online surveys.
● We recruit participants for you. We have access to millions of panel members across the United States and Canada.